5 ways to fix PDF Printer error invalidfont

The original Firefox has an integrated PDF reader. It offers many benefits, but there are annoying side effects with the print feature when it was originally designed for websites. We’ll show you how.

PDF reader

Product details in online stores, football club appointments, or telephone provider receipts are just a few examples where PDFs are easily available for download from the website. Previously, you could only view it from your past browser if you have installed the appropriate third-party software, such as Adobe Reader. It’s over now, considering the fact that the new Firefox 19 automatically updates the integrated PDF reader.

The benefits are obvious: annoying installation and additional software updates, no unnecessary clicks to come up with the desired PDF file, just a jungle of windows opening, which actually only causes confusion. Admission Firefox PDF reader is slim and 100% integrated. Go through the link to the PDF file and a new page opens in the browser showing your PDF. Additional symbols, for example, offer the ability to save or print a file on a computer.


PDF print function with unsightly side effects

The problem here is that Firefox uses its built-in feature for printing. It was originally designed for websites and prints the name and URL of the website in the header and the date and page number in the title unless the settings are changed. It can be configured in Firefox settings, but then this information can no longer be viewed in print on any website.

For this reason, we recommend all Firefox users who need to print PDF documents without modification to reactivate the third party PDF reader.


Disable the integrated Firefox PDF reader


To disable PDF Reader, open the Tools> Settings menu item in Firefox and click the Applications tab. Now find the file type Portable Document Format (PDF) and select the third PDF reader in the right column, e.g. Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox). You will then need to confirm the selection with the OK button. We recommend that you close Firefox once and restart it after this operation.

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