A Synaptics driver is required for reflashing [Full Fix]

Synaptics are based on touchpad drivers, special software that allows these devices to perform mouse functions with computer firmware, such as scrolling, clicking, and selecting contents. Even after installation, the panel may not work if the drivers are not compatible with the device, or if the external mouse causes a conflict. If the panel does not work, Synaptics provides solutions to common driver problems.

A Synaptics driver is required


Even after the driver is installed, the touchpad Synaptics may stop working if it collides with another external device such as an external USB mouse. By default, the touchpad is automatically disabled when an external mouse is attached. If external signal device drivers conflict with panel drivers, you must disconnect the external device to use the panel. Updating the operating system can also cause conflicts with Synaptics drivers. If you have recently updated your operating system after installing the panel drivers, you will need to download and install it.


Even with drivers, the Synaptics touch panel will not work if disabled. Some computers automatically deactivate the panel when an external mouse is connected. If the panel is disabled, select “Control Panel” from the Start menu. Select the “Large Icons” option and then click “Mouse” to display its features. Click the “Activate” button on the “Device Settings” tab to turn on the touch panel.


If the TouchPad Synaptics driver doesn’t respond, it’s probably damaged. You can open the Device Manager in Control Panel and find the panel driver. If you select Control Panel from the Start menu, click “System and Maintenance” and then “Device Manager” to get started. Scroll through the list of device drivers to the “Other” section. To enlarge it, click the “+” button next to this section. You want to see the panel controller. If you click on each driver and select “Uninstall” in the pop-up menu, it will be automatically removed from your computer. After removing the drivers, the change takes place before you restart your computer. Download and install the latest drivers from the Synaptics website. Alternatively, you can download the auxiliary driver from the computer developer’s website. Use the device’s serial number or model number to find it.


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