Can’t upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version:Solved

Can’t upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version:Solved

What can you do if your PC can not be upgraded to Windows 10? Just keep reading this post, and you will learn about the two methods that strengthen help to get rid of this problem and allows you to upgrade to Windows 10 successfully. Without further explanation on this issue, let’s look more closely at the solution.

Fix 1: Remove Device External

If there is an external device (such as SD cards, USB flash drives, printers, etc.) that are connected to your computer during installation, the drive will be moved incorrectly, leading to “the PC can not be upgraded to Windows 10” error, Microsoft says,

Therefore, when this problem occurs on your computer, do not hesitate to pull out all the external media. Then, reboot your PC and try to upgrade to Windows again.

Additionally, if you upgrade to Windows 10 with the help of a USB drive or SD card but experiencing this problem, you must copy the installation media files to your local drive and unplug the USB drive or SD card. Then, run the setup file to restart the installation from a local drive.

Fix 2: Disable Your Antivirus

Your antivirus program may also interfere with the installation of Windows 10 and leads to various problems. So, it is always a good choice to temporarily disable the antivirus when you find a problem-specific update. You must disable both third-party antivirus installed and built-in Windows Defender and Firewall.

To temporarily disable Windows Defender in Windows 10, you can go to the Windows Settings> Update & Security> Windows Security> Virus and threat protection. Then, click the Virus and choose threat protection settings and switch off real-time button protection.

To disable the Firewall in Windows 10, open Control Panel and go to System and Security> Windows Defender Firewall> Turn Windows Defender Firewall. Then, select Turn off Windows Defender Firewall option for both private and public network settings.

After that, try to upgrade to Windows again to check whether the problem is resolved. After you complete the installation or the method fails to fix this problem, you need to re-enable the antivirus and firewall immediately. Otherwise, your system will be risky.

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