Cortana Draining Battery on Windows 10? Here’s how to Fix it

Windows 10 is the most sophisticated versions of the Windows operating system ever released. It has some nice features that add extra functionality to your PC and the best part about it other than Microsoft’s new features in both the desktop and laptop.

In the long list of new features in Windows 10, several features help you save battery juice in Windows 10, your portable device. Most of the time, the battery hold feature that claimed that almost did not have a significant effect on the system.

Windows 10 Cortana Fix Battery Drain

battery life on Windows 10

To truly test this new feature and satisfy my hunger, I tried the feature with my aging laptop with a long battery. As the laptop was purchased many years before, the battery life is not at its peak. However, the new management features help me get my batteries a little better by balancing the use of, say, what I need and what I do not and give me a bit of control over battery life.

On the other hand, Windows 10 criticized for having horrible battery management. Most people think that because of the bugs that go undiscovered by both Microsoft and Intel. If you are severely affected by it, one way to make it a little better is to update all drivers and change specific settings.

Cortana drain battery life on a Windows 10 – Fix

Cortana is a personal assistant to Windows 10’s. He leaned on the taskbar on your own and can help you with some things. We have received several questions about Cortana on a portable device’s battery usage. In reality, Cortana should not negatively affect your battery to a greater extent. Maybe you do not even use it that much but still, make your battery drain.

Natural Debate continues about the features ‘Hey Cortana.’ Hey Cortana, as when the feature is enabled, Cortana almost always listens to you, waiting for you to give voice commands to it; it has had speculation about it draining your battery life up. However, Test results are inconclusive, and the highest percent battery that is claimed to be used by Cortana about 6% of the total power.

It is officially recognized by Microsoft that Cortana increase in battery consumption. It is also stated in the regulation ‘Cortana’ that he has the annoying tendency battery. If you have any doubt that your battery is affected by Cortana, you have to turn it off.

  • Go to the start menu and type ‘Cortana’ in it and click on the first result for Cortana.
  • Now that you are setting Cortana find ‘Let Cortana respond Hey Cortana’ and off by sliding the bar to the other side.
  • Once you do that, you’re good to go.

You can see any changes in the life of the battery in about 45 minutes. This is also true for smartphones and other portable devices with Windows 10 installed on. If you further think that your battery is draining too fast, try changing the settings and creating a plan tailored to the permutation battery to see which features take advantage of the taskbar’s maximum consumption.

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