D3dx9_42.dll is missing on Windows 10 [QUICK FIX]

Sometimes when you’re trying to run a multimedia program or game you’re prompted with error ‘D3dx9_42.dll missing‘, and it doesn’t let you run the program or game. Here are some solutions to fix this error in your Windows 10

How to resolve ‘D3dx9_42.dll is missing’ error?

Reinstall the game or program:

If other games and programs are working, then the one causing the trouble is the one responsible for the error itself as such complex programs or games can get corrupted. Hence, it would help if you tried on reinstalling the program or game. Just follow the steps given below to reinstall the program or game, causing the problem.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel
  • Select the Uninstall Program
  • Right-click on the respective program or game and click uninstall
  • Next head over to the folder Installation & AppData
  • Click on the setup file and reinstall the program or game and see if the issue is fixed

Installing DirectX:

D3dx9_42.dll file belongs to DirectX, so one of the solutions is to install DirectX as it runs most of the games and multimedia on Windows. Therefore, without DirectX, it will be challenging for you to run any game or multimedia program on your Windows.

Replace GPU driver:

As the game is the essential part influencing the games or multimedia programs, so it is possible that because of obsolete or incompatible GPU drivers, the system is showing the ‘D3dx9_42.dll error‘. So you should consider uninstalling or removing the current GPU drivers and install the latest drivers from the site of your respective GPU manufacturer.

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