Drive is not accessible in Windows 10? Check these solution

As you know hard drive is on the most essential components of any computer. Therefore any crashes in the hard drive can lead to affecting the whole operating system and at times the whole operating system can shut down. One of the most common hard drive issues is the acces denied to the drives. You can solve this issue usually with just a restart but at times it needs a proper technical fix. We’ve made this article a guide for all Windows 10 users so that they can easily fix the this issue on their devices.

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How to fix the hard drive error ‘Drive is not accessible’ on Windows 10?

Create new admin account and grant it full permission:

  • Choose the drive that is inaccessible and then right click on it
  • Now select Properties and go to Securities
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Next choose the  Add button next
  • Select Authenticated User and click OK
  • Then go to the  permission section and choose give full control against the newly added user.
  • Click OK
  • Press Apply to save changes


The solution mentioned above is certainly effective in fixing the issue. However if you know more solutions that you implemented in order to fix the issue then let us know in the comments section below as it will be helpful to us in updating the article for better information.

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