Element Not Found error in Windows 10 [Quick Fix]

Windows 10 users reported a new error: “Element not found”. This error occurs when users try to access settings, universal applications, and other options. Sometimes this annoying error also appears when searching to open image/picture in JPG file format.

The Windows 10 “Element Not Found” error can directly affect Windows 10 system features and performance, and you can’t access settings and global applications. Fortunately, you can fix this annoying error when using the methods below to correct this error.

Method 1 – Remove/uninstall applications from your computer


Some Lenovo applications seem to be the cause of this error. You are using a system/laptop. So we recommend uninstalling some Lenovo applications from this system. Lenovo CAPSOD and OneKey Theater are applications that did not cause an error. Installing this software on your laptop can solve this problem.

Method 2 – Remove / Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

This trick is very useful. Uninstalling all Windows 10 updates from the system/laptop can solve these problems. So go to the Uninstall Applications section and uninstall Windows 10 Updates from there.

Note: Uninstalling all updates is not the best solution. So go ahead one by one. Install one and see if the problem is solved. Otherwise, the update must be reinstalled. This will allow you to find out what is causing the problem.

Method 3 – Reset / Reinstall Windows 10 PC

Resetting or installing your Windows 10 PC or laptop can solve this problem. To reset your Windows 10 system, you’ll need a window 10 installation CD or a USB flash drive with Windows 10 installation files. Don’t worry, this process won’t affect your personnel files even if the installed applications are removed.

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