Error 5973 causes Windows 10 apps to crash: here’s what you need to know

If none of your Windows 10 applications open or crash after launch, this decision may be due to an error of 5973. Incident 5973 errors are quite common and can corrupt the application in many ways. However, applications do not usually start. And there are never 5973 erroneous dialogues that provide possible corrections or additional information about what happened. However, the event viewed lists errors under event ID 5973.

Error 5973 Cortana Crash

Windows 10 is a unique Cortana built into the operating system. As such, it is not really a standard Windows Store app. More than that, there were 5,973 breakdowns for Cortana. Cortana can still work for simple applications, completely moving towards normalcy.

Error requesting email 5973

Some Windows users have also noticed incidental 5973 errors for the Mail app when running under standard user accounts (without admin rights). The Mail app is fine, but crashes quickly. This error may be related to the integration of the Mail app with Cortana. One possible solution might be to open the Mail app in an administrator’s account, but there is no set permission to do so.

Error 5973 prevents Windows Store apps from opening

The standard result of event 5973 would be that one or more applications would not open. Application windows may open briefly but then close. In the worst-case scenario, Windows Store apps will not open at all. This 5973 issue can be added to the corrupted custom application storage cache.

  1. First, open the Win + X menu by pressing the Win + X hotkey.
  2. Select Event Viewer to open its window as in the screenshot below.
  3. Click Windows Logs on the left side of the Event Viewer.
  4. Select the Application to open the list of application events.
  5. Red exclamation marks highlight the 5973 error event. Click on any event with error ID 5973 to see more details about it.


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