Error Code 43: “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems” [FIX]

Code error 43 is one of several device manager error codes. It is generated when the device manager stops the device hardware because the hardware reports to Windows that it has a kind of problem that is not specified.

This generic message can mean that there is a problem of actual hardware or means that there are drivers errors that cannot be identified by Windows because of that but hardware is influenced by it.

Details on device Error Manager devices such as code 43 are available when you see the device’s status in its properties.

Error code 43 can apply to any hardware device in Device Manager, although most code 43 appears on video cards and USB devices such as printers, webcams, iPhones, and related peripherals.

How to fix code errors 43

Follow these steps, sequentially, to complete the code error 43. Because this message is generic, the standard troubleshooting step comes first.

  • Turn on your computer back if you haven’t done it yet.

There is always possible error code 43 that you see on the device caused by some temporary hardware problems. If so, restart your computer might fix code errors 43.

  • Plug the device into a different PC and then remove it right from there. Connect back to your computer to see if it fixes code errors 43.

If you have another PC to test this, make sure to try this before switching to a more complicated step below.

  • Do you install the device or make changes to the device manager before the code error 43 appears? If so, there is a possible chance you make, causing code errors 43. Cancel changes if you can, restart your PC, then check again for code 43 errors.

Depending on the changes you make, some solutions may include:

Delete or reconfirm the newly installed device
Risk the driver back to version before your update
Use system recovery to cancel changes related to the latest device devices.

  • Disable the device and then reactivate. This step provides Windows with the opportunity to see fresh to configure the device.

This might sound like an effortless improvement, and that’s because of that. However, this procedure may be all computers need to correct code errors 43.

  • Reinstall the driver for the device. Remove installation, and then reinstalling the driver for the device is a possible solution for code error 43.

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