File is too large for the destination file system? Try this

Sometimes when you’re trying to store files on Windows 10, you’re confronted by an error message saying: File is too large for the destination file system. Well, it isn’t much of a big deal as you can fix it easily by following the below-mentioned methods.

How to fix the issue of too large files for the destination file system?

Split large files:

If you want to store a more than usual on your USB Drive or any other destination then you should consider splitting your large files by using a third-party tool such as WinRar.

Format your drive:

  • Head over to This PC and look for your drive
  • After you find your drive, right-click on it and select Format from the menu
  • Choose NFTS as the file system after the format windows opens up
  • Now let the process finish

Changing File System with formatting:

  • Open command prompt with administrative privileges
  • Then input the following command in cmd and press Enter:

chkdsk F:/f

Note: F is used as an example drive so you can select the drive you prefer and replace F with its name

  • After the above-mentioned command runs and you find no issues in the hard drive, input the following command in cmd and hit Enter:

convert F:/FS:ntfs

Note: replace F with your drive letter

  • Let the command run and then see if the storage is converted


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