FIX: Actions recommended yellow warning on Windows 10

Windows Defender Action Center is still working, but users are quite satisfied with the one-time security and performance monitoring features within a menu. However, it seems with regard to a bug that affects many Windows 10 users. Based on notifications, users are prompted to ‘action’ and a yellow danger signal when no action is a necessity.

Yellow Windows 10 Defender warning


Solution 1 – Make sure all the pillars are green

Launched by the Action Center, Windows Defender covers a lot of malware protection. It now monitors your internet dive performance, safety, and security. A small issue, and is usually asked to request immediate advice for action. Making Windows Defender a ready-made security package is a choice in Microsoft’s part but in odd markets. Repeated bugs can get on your nerves.
We’re sure you’ve tested everything before, but let’s see if the problem can be solved again. Then restart your computer and I hope you enjoy finding the yellow dots in the notification area.

Solution 2 – check for updates

OneDrive’s integration and Windows Defender database updates are one of the most common causes of this problem. As a weird OneDrive affair, don’t overdo it, you reject it. Microsoft is designed with the Ransomware Protection feature to make your files easier on OneDrive. Virus and Threat Protection: Be sure to turn off ransomware and everything.

However, if Windows Update is interrupted and you do not receive the latest Defender Anti-Virus Update, you will be notified permanently. For this reason, we recommend checking for updates manually. After updating Windows Defender, it shouldn’t bother you with regular directions. Checking for updates manually:

  • Press the button (Windows + I), to open the settings.
  • Select Updates and Security.
  • Click your Windows Update Move for updates.

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