FIX: An old HDD is not showing up in Windows 10

Many users may face a problem: a second hard drive has been built into the terminal, and performance and storage capacity is now significantly improved. Correct: “Mandatory”, because unfortunately, the hard disk does not appear in the system.


What to do if the other hard drive is not visible

To get started, the Device Manager should always be open – here the HD must be displayed from the “Drives” branch.

If we do not recognize the other hard drive, the problem is usually that there is no partition on the hard drive, or that partition has not yet received the drive mail.

Easy methods to assign a drive letter for the hard drive

Assigning a driving license is easy according to the following steps.

1. Open the control panel
2. Open the menu item “Administration”
3. Open the menu item “Computer Management”
Finally, open the “Disk Management” menu item
5. In Disk Management, the second hard disk appears as a blue partition (if there is only one).
6. Right-click on the partition, a context menu will open:

7. Now assign a drive letter for distribution, confirm your choice, and close the menu. The new hard drive should now be displayed as a disk in Explorer.

  • the second hard disk is still not shown

With new (internal) hard drives, there can be no partitioning on the data carrier. The fact that we only show the data carrier black in the data’driver carrier can recognize it.

Create a partition to display the other hard drive

You can now create a new volume (partition) using the context menu and assign a drive letter to the file system. Use a simple volume because it is a simple distribution. We describe the second volume type in the Disk Management article under Windows.

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