Fix: “Another program is being installed…” Windows Installer error

Fix: “Another program is being installed…” Windows Installer error

When the error as another program is being installed, please wait until the installation appears complete.

It may look like a prompt clear, but the problem lies in that the affected users are running positively, no other installation.

Hopefully, to shed some light on this issue and provide the right solution, we conducted a little experiment, and the result was positive.

So, if you encounter this error every time you run a third-party installer, be sure to check out the steps we provide below.

1. Scan for viruses

This step is crucial if you want to solve the problem quickly. If the installer error reoccurs after installing the suspicious software, we recommend scanning for viruses.

Real-time protection should prevent most virus infections through third-party applications. However, many of them have their uses more dangerous and difficult to remove by conventional means.

We mostly refer to browser hijackers and adware. That is why we recommend Vipre – for maximum PC protection with a detection rate above average and the large-scope security suite.

This antivirus will be installed at the moment, and it will make the computer threat-proof. Do not hesitate to try and solve this problem with an excellent Installer.

2. Exit the Windows Task Manager

  • Do not stop the installation.
  • Right-click Start and open the Task Manager of the Power User menu.
  • Under the Details tab, navigate to msiexec.exe, right-click on it and terminate the process (End task)
  • Try restarting the installation again.
  • First things first. Well, you need to restart the installation or run the installer as an administrator.
  • Also, since informing itself quickly, Windows is likely active in the background.
  • Now, this does not necessarily mean that other programs are installed. May be active due to bugs or hidden activity of applications that are already installed.

To overcome this, you should navigate to the Task Manager and disable the msiexec.exe process. This process is assigned to Windows.

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