FIX: Application unable to start correctly Error 0x000007b

Error 0x000007b appears when you’re unable to start and application. This error could occur due to many reasons such as problems in Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable or incompatible programs etc. We’ve figured some solutions to this error that will help you fix this error on your computers.

How to fix error 0x000007b on Windows 10?

Perform a hard drive scan:

  • First, open the start menu.
  • Now look for the command prompt by searching in the search bar.
  • When the command prompt appears, right-click on it and run as admin.
  • Next, type in the following command in the command prompt box.


  • Let the command run and then restart your PC
  • After that hard drive scan window appears, let the scan complete and see if the issue persists.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter:

Windows troubleshooter is a tool designed to eliminate any bugs related to Windows.
To run the Windows update troubleshooter, follow the below-mentioned steps:
• Fist click Select Start
• Then click Settings
• Now select Update & Security

• Then click on Troubleshoot
• Then select Windows Update under Get up and Running and click Run the troubleshooter.

Remove and reinstall the Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable:

As you already know that this issue is caused due to a problem in Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable. So one way to resolve this issue is to uninstall and then reinstall the Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable. To do that, follow the steps given below:

  • Head over to the control panel
  • Then navigate to program features through programs.
  • And then click on uninstall program
  • Look for Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable x86(32-bit) or Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable x64(64-bit) depending on your system
  • Then right-click on it and click uninstall
  • Now restart your PC
  • Next, download the installer for Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable x86(32-bit) or Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable x64(64-bit), depending on your system, and reinstall the program
  • Now see if the issue persists


We’re sure that you were able to fix the issue by using the mentioned methods.

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