FIX: Brown Screen of Death on Windows 10

FIX: Brown Screen of Death on Windows 10

The screen of death can be traced to a Kernel Panic, otherwise known as the Stop Error for OS Windows. A kernel panic (KP) is considered a security measure that was taken by the operating system kernel to detect fatal errors resulting in a considerable loss or corruption of data if the system continues or does not allow the system to recover safely.

Most sods are displayed on a colored background with bug check code and advice demanding that the user restarts the computer.

Step 1: Make Graphics Driver Uninstall / Rollback or Upgrade

Doing graphics driver rollback, installation/reinstallation or upgrade may be just enough to resolve the issues Brown Screen of Death. To do the graphics driver rollback, reinstallation or upgrade, follow this procedure:

  • Go to Search then type ‘device manager’> select the first results of the launch Device Manager.
  • Double-click on the Display Adapters to open the drop-down
  • Right-click on the graphics driver allegedly> select Properties
  • Click on the Driver tab.
  • To restore the graphics driver version, Select Roll Back Driver and then choose OK
  • .To update the graphics driver, choose Update Driver and OK. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.
  • To remove and reinstall the driver, select the Uninstall Tool and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the uninstall procedure. Then visit the official website of the graphics drivers to download a compatible version for your windows 10.
  • After the rollback, updates, removal and reinstallation of the graphics driver, restart your computer. Now launch your game, or software-intensive and BrownSOD GPU must go.

Step 2.Overcoming Conflict Security Software

security software conflicts have been responsible for some of the reported cases of computer instability and screen death. If the action of the installed programs that require your computer’s graphics processing unit to function correctly violated by the security software, Screen Brown of Death may be inevitable at this point.

At first, you should identify a possible conflict security software. Second, you have to take the necessary measures to keep one and delete the others. For example, if you have ESET Security and Avast Antivirus installed on your machine, you have to decide which one you want to save. Sometimes, it may be necessary that you update your security software to the latest build.

After deleting other security software, restart your computer and try to launch the game or high-end software, and you should be good to go.

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