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Fix: BUGCODE USB DRIVER error on Windows 10

What should I do if I get a USB USB driver error on a Windows 10 or PC laptop?

  • Update your driver
  • Install the latest Windows 10 update
  • Delete problematic software

Update your driver

Windows 10 requires drivers to work with your hardware, and if specific drivers are outdated or if there are bugs, which can cause bugcode_usb_driver BSOD disorders to appear.

To fix this and other BSOD errors, it’s essential that you update your driver. Updating drivers is quite simple, and you can do it by visiting your hardware manufacturer’s website and downloading the latest drivers for your hardware.

Remember that you might have to update the driver for all the main components before correcting this error.

Users report that this problem is caused by ASUS ATK0110 and ASIO E17 drivers, so if you have this driver installed, update it first.

Update drivers automatically

Install the latest Windows 10 update

Update 3 Fix: BUGCODE USB DRIVER error on Windows 10 5

Downloading the latest Windows update is quite simple, and you can download it using Windows updates. Many of these updates bring new features, improved security, and bug fixes related to hardware and software.

Blue screen Death errors are often caused by hardware bugs or software. Therefore you need to download the latest Windows 10 updates to correct this error.

Delete problematic software

Third-party applications can often cause this error to appear, and to fix it; you need to find and remove the problematic application.

According to users, VMware tools can cause this problem to appear, so if you use this software, we strongly recommend that you delete it from your PC.

We must mention that your driver can cause this type of error too, and some users report that this problem is repaired after reinstalling the Realtek audio driver on their system.

However, to ensure that this is successful, you need to delete the software installation and all related files, which can only be done by Uninstaller.

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