FIX: Cannot connect to Microsoft services at the moment

Microsoft Store is a great program available in Windows for games and other media but sometimes it tends to cause errors mostly because of any network connection. This article acts as a guide to help you troubleshoot the connection error taking place in the Microsoft Store hence, keep on reading and following the instructions to get rid of the connection error.

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How to fix the connection error related to Windows Microsoft Store?

Change the network connection:

The first and most important fix is to switch from a public network connection to a private one preferably a modem or private LAN to acces Microsoft Services.

Sync the Microsoft Account:

  • Go and sign in to your Windows Live Account using your Microsoft account
  • Then enter the 5 digit code sent to either your email kr phone number
  • Now head over to the Windows Settings and click on Accounts
  • Next enter a valid email address and password and in the add new user field
  • Simply follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process

Using internet time on your computer:

  • Head over to the Start Menu
  • And open the date and time menu
  • Next click on the tab that says internet time
  • And choose the option Change Settings
  • Now check the box Synchronize with Internet Time Server
  • Next choose and click Update Now


We’re sure that you were able to fix the issue using our mentioned solutions. If not then let us know in the comments what other methods were effective in fixing the error.

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