Fix Close programs to prevent information loss error

It is possible that you’ve encountered similar errors constantly asking you to close programs to prevent information loss. The question is why are the users prompted with this error? This error tends to show up because of reduced RAM space which could happen because of many reasons. Here in this article, we will discuss the methods that can help Windows users fix this error on your PCs.

How to fix the close programs to prevent information loss error?

Restart your PC:

Sometimes due to lack of frequent restarts the PC fets stuck in resource problems. Actually the Virtual Memory gets relocated between active and recently closed programs. Which will cause a problem in the memory and prompt you with the error:”Close programs to prevent information loss error”. So restarting the PC can very well fix the problem.

Check startup programs and RAM hogging processes:

  • Open the Task Manager
  • Then open the Startup Tab
  • Now disable the unimportant programs
  • Save changes and restart PC

Check your RAM:

Doesn’t matter if you’ve 64 or 32 GB RAM you still have to make sure that you’ve enough memory. Head over to System Properties and see if you’ve enough memory, if not then you’ll have to delete some files to make space.


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