FIX: csrss.exe high CPU usage in Windows 10

csrss.exe is a standard program essential for your Windows to function. However, at times csrss.exe, this starts to overtake your CPU processing power, and it’s an alarming situation if the csrss.exe uses above 80 % of the processing power of your system. Don’t worry; you can resolve this issue and stop csrss.exe from high usage of CPU by the methods given below.

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Methods to stop csrss.exe from high usage of CPU in Windows 10:

Method 1[Scan for malware and virus]:

The csrss.exe itself doesn’t start to use up the CPU because that is very rare. The csrss.exe might be infected by any virus or malware that is trying to modify your computer’s system and use it for its benefit. So the first thing you’ve to do is scan your computer for virus and malware either using the built-in features or excellent third-party antivirus software and if any malware or virus is found immediately remove it from your computer.

Method 2[Reset your PC]:

The next method is to reset your PC follow the steps given below:

  • Press the Windows key + I key
  • Click on Updates & Security
  • Now select Recovery
  • Under the heading reset, PC click Get Started.
  • Select delete all files and let the computer reset

Method 3 [Deleting current user account]:

  • Open the control panel.
  • Click user accounts
  • Select user accounts
  • Now click on Manage another account.
  • Next click on Add a new user in the PC settings
  • Select add someone else to this PC
  • Enter the necessary information about the user and go back to change an account
  • Open the new account and click Change the account type.
  • Make it admin
  • Now go back to your current account and backup your files and documents.
  • After that, click on delete account and delete files.
  • Log into your new profile and then from the settings. Check if the issue persists.

If you know more solutions to this issue, then let us know in the comments below!

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