FIX: Denied Access to your own Windows computer

FIX: Denied Access to your own Windows computer

All of us who use the Windows OS at some point or another have experienced the dilemma and were denied permission to access anything on our computers. In some cases, Windows even lock you out when trying to access a folder with an Access Denied error.

Additionally, if you share the device, and you are not an administrator, you will encounter this error when trying to access a protected folder or file to other users. If you are admin and still receive permission denied error, we have some tips that will help you fix this error.

Admin Privileges:

Considering your admin on shared devices, you can fix these errors and even set to suit your needs. You will need to open the File Explorer window, following which you will need to browse to the folder you need to access, right-click on it, and select Properties. This will result in opening a pop-up window where you will need to click on the Security tab and then click the Advanced button at the bottom.

How to go about:

Now, you will see some text that says owner: that most likely will not show the current owner next door; now Click the Change link on the right to change the owner of the item. Here, you will need to select a person or group to access the resource; enter the object names to select box.

Providing access:

Next, you’ll need to fill the Administrator, which will allow all the admin PC to access it, or simply a user name based on the folder or preferences. Now, click the check your name, and a text box will automatically correct for PCNAMEAdministrators; Click OK to accept this.

Terminating error:

Finally, now, you are going back to the Advanced Settings window. Once you come back, you have to check the box for Replace owner on sub containers and objects under field owners. With this, you can now access everything in the folder without having to repeat these steps. Now, click OK, and you have to change settings and access denied error on the face of another folder.

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