Dxgkrnl.sys error 886x590 1 FIX: Dxgkrnl.sys BSOD error in Windows 10 [Blue Screen] 3

FIX: Dxgkrnl.sys BSOD error in Windows 10 [Blue Screen]

How can I fix BSOD errors caused by dxgkrnl. Sys?

  • Save your Windows 10 drivers and graphics cards updated.
  • Disable Sli.
  • Turn off Nvidia surround.

Save your Windows 10 drivers and graphics cards updated

It has been reported that a graphics card driver causes this problem. Do you happen to use the Nvidia graphics card?

In this case, make sure you download the latest Nvidia drivers to fix the incompatibility problem that you might have with your graphics card with Windows 10.

Deactivate the SLI.

  • Go to the Nvidia control panel. You can access it by double-clicking the icon in the lower right corner.
  • Open 3D settings and click on the SLI configuration.
  • Make sure that it doesn’t use the SLI technology selected.
  • Click Apply to save changes.
  • Many gamers have two Nvidia graphics cards that they use in SLI mode to get better performance.

Even though this sounds great, it has been reported that the SLI can cause problems with DXGKRNL.SYS and cause a blue screen of death errors.

There is a memory leak in VRAM when you use SLI on Windows 10, so to fix this problem, it is recommended that you deactivate the SLI.

After deactivating the SLI on your computer, the blue screen of death mistakes must be repaired.

Turn off Nvidia surround

Nvidia surrounds a feature on the Nvidia graphics card that allows you to enjoy 3D experiences on many monitors.

Although this sounds like a fantastic feature for gamers, this feature has a problem with Windows 10 and can cause issues with dxgkrnl. Sys and give you BSOD dxgkrnl.sys mistakes.

So far, the only solution is to turn off Nvidia surround to correct this error.

We also have to mention that sometimes Nvidia cannot be turned off easily, and users have suggested using Ctrl + Alt + S or Ctrl + Alt + R shortcuts to turn it off.

If the shortcut doesn’t work for you, try pulling another monitor and boot with only one connected monitor.

By booting only with one monitor, Nvidia surround must be turned off automatically.

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