Fix Ethernet not working in Windows 10

Isn’t your Ethernet testing done in Windows 10 when you tried to access the Internet? Well, that’s a problem that can’t be connected anywhere and someone’s internet connection is interrupted. Our computers have the potential to be delayed for various reasons due to Ethernet not working. Ethernet cable, connector issues, Ethernet driver issues, or some internal Windows settings may be reasons why your Ethernet is not currently working in Windows 10.

So what are the Ethernet connectivity issues that may appear?

Ethernet issues can affect your Internet connection in many ways. Here are some of them:

  • Ethernet cable not detected
  • Ethernet cable connected but the internet does not work
  • Established an Ethernet connection but limited connectivity
  • Ethernet cable connection fluctuation


How to fix Ethernet not working in Windows 10

Check the Ethernet cable – It is important to make sure that the Ethernet cable works very well in general. Doing so lets you know if the problem is with someone’s PC or just with all the Ethernet cables. First of all, physically examine the case to see if the cable has been damaged in any way other than if the cable relationship between the two sides is generally bad.

Also, check that the Ethernet connection may not be loose at all connection ports.


Enable Ethernet

The first time you try to use Ethernet, make sure that Ethernet is enabled on your computer. You can do this through your PC’s control panel. Here’s what he did:


Step 1: On your keyboard, tap the Win + X keys at the same time. A menu will open. Click Settings Options.

Step 2: The settings window will open. Click on Network and Internet option here.

Step 3: In the left pane of this window that opens, click on the Ethernet option and then in the right pane click Change Adapter Options.

Step 4: A network connection window will open. Here, find the Ethernet connection and right-click on it. Select Activate from the context menu. If it is already enabled, disable it and reactivate it.

Now check if Ethernet is working. If not, try the next solution for Ethernet not working on Windows 10.

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