FIX: Failed to unlock with this recovery key BitLocker error

Well, everyone wants software that keeps your content safe. Bitlocker is one of the software used to encrypt your important data and is integrated with the operating system. But what if you can’t unlock your Bitlocker drive? That’ll be very alarming for me at least and obviously for you because it has our important data in there. Luckily, there are ways to fix this issue in Windows, so keep reading and follow the instructions!

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How to fix the error ‘failed to unlock with this recovery key BitLocker’?

Use BitLocker password:

If somehow the BitLocker key isn’t working and you can’t open the BitLocker drive, try the BitLocker password.

Bitlocker data recovery:

If both the BitLocker key and password aren’t working, then you should try the option of recovering BitLocker data.

  • Download and install the M3 Bitlocker Recovery
  • Now choose the corrupted BitLocker file in the program M3 Bitlocker Recovery and click next
  • Enter the BitLocker password or BitLocker 48 digit key and click next
  • Scan for data recovery from the corrupted BitLocker drive
  • After the files are found, click recover

Formatting the BitLocker drive:

So, if your Bitlocker drive doesn’t have important files, then one way to solve this error is to format the BitLocker drive an


We’re sure that you were able to fix the issue by using the mentioned methods.

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