Fix Groove Music Can’t play error with ease

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Imagine you get back home from work, and you’re all tired. All you want to do right now is to listen to your favorite tracks. But when you try to play your favorite music, an error doesn’t let you play music, and now you can’t listen to your favorite songs.

Isn’t that annoying? I mean, of course, it is. Such kind of errors is faced by many Windows 10 users in the Groove Music App. Although Microsoft has promised no more errors in the Groove Music App in the new versions yet the users face the errors. So here are some solutions to ease your problem of errors in the Groove Music App.

Solution 1: Check your settings

It is possible that because of the wrong date, time, and language, your Groove Music App is facing errors. So all you have to do press the Windows key + I key and set your date, time and language manually according to your region.

Solution 2: Clear the temp folder

  • Press the Windows key + R
  • The RUN dialogue box will appear
  • Type Temp in the dialogue box and press Enter
  • Now press Ctrl+A
  • All files will be selected
  • Next, right-click on them
  • And press All delete tab
  • Skip the message that appears on the screen

Solution 3: Reset internet explorer settings

  • Go to the Tools Menu
  • Click on internet options
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Next, click the Reset button
  • Now click close and Ok

More Solutions:

  • Restore default libraries
  • Use the System File Checker tool to fix corrupt files
  • Try downloading the media feature app

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