FIX: LiveKernelEvent error that causes Windows 10 to stop working

LiveKernelEvent error causes issues for the hard drive. Now it is not that simple to know the main reason for this error as it occurs due to multiple factors and so trying out numerous solutions can only fix this error.

Solutions to the LiveKernelEvent error

Solution 1: Perform a Disk Check

It is essential to check the hard disk as it is one of the components of the hard drive, and it possible that due to any corruption in the hard disk system is showing the LiveKernelEvent error. But before that, we have to make sure if there are any corruptions in the hard disk for that, we need to perform a disk check. Follow the instructions below to do that.

  • Press the Windows key + X key
  • Now press and hold the A Key, then click on Windows PowerShell and run it as admin
  • Click Yes to proceed with the process
  • Now type in the following command



  • Then press Enter

Solution 2: Maximise your fan speed

Sometimes overheating of the system can also cause the LiveKernelEvent error. So you need to make sure that your computer isn’t overheating constantly for that you’ve to maximize your fan’s speed. Well, you can do this in the BIOS settings, or maybe you can use a third-party fan speeder. To increase your fan’s speed by changing the BIOS settings, you need to follow these steps:

  • Press Windows key + I key
  • Now click on Updates & Settings
  • Select Recovery from the menu
  • Next, click restart now under the Advanced Startup tab
  • Click on Troubleshoot the click on Advanced Options
  • Select UEFI Firmware Settings and then click Restart
  • Your system will restart in the BIOS settings, and you need to find the settings for the fan speed and adjust it

Solution 3: Reinstalling GPU drivers

Usually, the LiveKernelEvent error is caused because of the GPU. To fix this, you’ve to reinstall the graphic drivers of your GPU. You can follow these steps to reinstall the graphic drivers of your GPU:

  • Press Windows key + R key
  • The RUN dialogue box will appear
  • Type devmgmt.msc in the RUN dialogue box
  • Press Enter
  • Device Manager will appear, scroll to Display Adapters
  • Then expand it and look for your graphic card; when you find it right-click on it and click uninstall
  • The next thing you need to do is download the latest drivers of your respective graphic card and then install them on your PC.

More solutions to solve the LiveKernelEvent error:

  • Use DDU to reinstall your graphic drivers.
  • Try underclocking your GPU
  • Check Memory

If the mentioned solutions didn’t work for you, then you can go for the other solutions mentioned at the end of the article.

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