FIX: Not enough storage available to complete this operation

Over time, your partition may become smaller due to caches, temporary files, or other programs on Windows Server 2012. You should use the extended volume feature in Disk Management to increase the partition size. However, you are always prone to the following error, even if the rest of the space appears in your disk drive:

Extremely one disk does not have enough space to complete the procedure.

  • So it shows that many server users are struggling with this question. Once this error occurs, it is not easy to use Disk Management or diskpart.exe to increase the volume.
  • Then help show you the way to solve this problem.
  • To resolve this issue, it can help you right-click on Disk Management. However, it does not work once. In these cases, can you still use the free space and expand the space that does not have space?


The Mini Tool Partition Wizard, a professional partitioning tool, can help you resize partitions easily and efficiently without affecting the actual data.

Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free Edition does not support Windows Server OS. Congratulations, you need to select Server Edition or Advanced Edition to fix this error. You can choose the appropriate application by comparing versions of the Mini Tool Partition Wizard.


Select the object partition on the primary interface of this software, after which you can use the “Move / Resize” or “Partition Extend” function. Take a look at the extended partition as an example, as it allows it to take up free space on its existing partitions or on the same disk. (We take server demos, for example.)


Now move from the “Dropdown List” and select the existing partition (it can be any partition, and you can take the appropriate partition for your needs) or free space to use free space. Drag the slider bar left or right and decide how much space you want to see by intuitively changing the partition. Then click “OK” and you will be returned to the primary interface.


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