Fix Office Issues With Repairing Office

Fixing office problems during office repairs: A simple, quick operation. If you’re having trouble with Microsoft Office programs, the first thing to do is try Office Repair.

This process can solve all office problems (slowdown, opening, closing, saving, etc.) quickly, without any interference.

What is office repair?

Office Recovery is a recovery feature built into Office (in all versions of Office 2003) that automatically fixes problems and Office errors without your intervention.

Basically, any changes made to Office Registry entries or Office installation files over time to repair and the program will corrupt or delete corrupted or corrupted data in system files or Office Registry entries (malware disease), because of a system crash, etc.), is really a refill as it should attend to the installation time.

However, this does not affect any changes to your Office User Options.

For example, choosing whether or not to be able to display templates when starting Office 2013 is an option that does not constitute Office Recovery. As a precautionary measure, the restoration will fail in exceptional cases if the damage to workplace installation files and registry entries is excessive and therefore the office may cannot follow up on the first attempt maintenance.

As a precaution, I suggest you have an Office installation CD or a copy of Office ready to reinstall. In an election case, your personnel files will not be touched and will remain on the computer.

The instructions for office repair depend on the OS and version of Office you want to deal with. However, the following guidelines apply to each.

Aside from name differences and some specific technical differences in operation, this feature is very easy to use in all versions of Office.

  • Close open Office programs on your computer.
  • Open Programs and Features (in Windows XP: Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs in
  • Windows Vista / 7: Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features In Windows 8 and 8.1: In
  • the lower right corner, tap Search Type control panel, select a control panel, select control panel);

Prefer Microsoft Office in reporting programs installed on your personal computer. For example, depending on the version that someone is using, you can search for Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 or Microsoft ‘Office’ Professional 2010 or Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, etc.

Right-click on the Microsoft Office entry and select Change:

At this point, the Microsoft Office Setup screen will open. Choose Repair (Note: If you have Office 2013, we may commit you to immediate repairs or online repairs. I recommend immediate repairs as my first choice. If that doesn’t work) , choose online repair instead.)

Confirm with next (bottom right in a window).
This is where the restoration process begins, which will take a few minutes. During the restoration, I advise you not to open any office program. Don’t worry if it looks frozen and doesn’t move as you progress:


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