Fix: PC stuck in boot loop when upgrading to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Fix: PC stuck in boot loop when upgrading to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Fall Author Update, the third installment of Windows 10, here finally. It may take some time until the majority of users of Windows 10 to get a hold of it, but some of their own.

Now, ‘chosen’ people who are able to obtain this major update, have a big problem. Namely, the failure of the installation process produces a boot or restart the cycle.
To that end, we provide an explanation for this bizarre incident was followed by a fitting solution. If you meet this stumbling block, be sure to check out the information below.

How to get out of the restart / boot loop after the upgrade to fail Fall Author Update

As you may be aware, the Windows Update feature requires your PC to restart to complete installation of updates and apply changes to your system.

Now, with minor updates, which usually is not a problem. However, because Redstone 3 (1709), publicly known as the Fall Author Update is a major update, things can go south fast.

The main installation updates rather a brand new system installation or rather upgrade. That includes driver updates, too. And that’s where the problems start. A small incompatibility of the device can trigger an upgrade cycle never ends. Basically, it goes like this:

The installer tries to install drivers for peripheral devices that are not supported> failed installer> installer reboot your PC and try again.
And again and again and again. You can see where this is going. To address this, your first step is to unplug all peripheral devices and try again. If it fails, we are afraid that you must perform a factory reset of your PC.

Reset the PC’s

This option is an advanced recovery allows you to restore your PC to its factory condition. In such a scenario, the only valid solution is to start from scratch.

And that’s where “Reset PC’s” recovery feature comes into play. So, to stop reboot your PC like there’s no tomorrow, be sure to follow the steps that we have provided below:

  • hard power off your PC 3 times until the Advanced Recovery environment.
  • Select Advanced options.
  • Select Troubleshoot.
  • Click “Reset this PC”
  • Choose whether you want to save or delete files and applications.
  • Click Reset.

After the end of the procedure, you should be able to use your PC as before.

As a note for future updates, we recommend you to use Media Creation Tools for this kind of upgrade. This tool always check out the compatibility of your PC and that way, if something goes wrong, you will be able to prevent updating and booting avoid loops.