FIX: System Restore Not Working After Upgrade

As you can see the problem has affected the user and we describe the problem in the quote above. After many possible improvements, Microsoft has formally identified the issue and released a solution. Here is a link to the official support page where Microsoft covers the issue in detail.

You are creating a restore point on a Windows 10, 8.1 computer. They change some settings or install the latest. You are trying to restore your system recovery system. This problem occurs because of the desktop. System Restore fails because of the desktop.

So, you need to make sure that you run the last update of Windows Update to fix the problem or download a specific file from the link mentioned above. If the problem persists, here are some additional solutions you can use.

Use Windows 10 recovery options

In cases where you are having problems utilizing System Restore on Windows 10, follow the link to often the Microsoft official page dedicated to those issues.

From safe mode, rename the Windows app folder by running the following commands at a command prompt as administrator:
CD C: program files
takeown / f WindowsApps / r / d Y.
icacls WindowsApps / grant “% USERDOMAIN %% USERNAME%” 🙁F) / t
Assign WindowsApps -h
Rename WindowsApps to WindowsApps.old
Run SFC check and chkdsk at the command prompt
Remove problematic updates that caused System Restore to not work
Restore Windows in Safe Mode.

Let us know if this guide helped resolve this issue. If not, we will try to understand this problem.


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