FIX: The operation completed successfully: (ERROR_SUCCESS)

It is possible that you’ve encountered with the The operation completed successfully: (ERROR_SUCCESS) often in different situations such as when updating windows, installing Windows, downloading apps for the Windows Store, etc. In this article, we provide you ways that can help you fix this error on your devices so it’s advisable that you read the article till the end to obtain full information.

How to fix the the operation completed successfully: (ERROR_SUCCESS)?

Run a full system scan:

Sometimes your system is infected with malware that tends to cause malfunctions in your system and errors as well, so a full system scan is essential for removing the malware threats from your computer. Follow the steps below to run a full system scan.

  • Go to the start menu and search defender.
  • Now double click and open the tool.
  • Then choose the shield icon.
  • Now click on the Advanced Scan option.
  • Check the full system scan box.
  • Let the scan run, and if you find any malware remove it.

Update your drivers:

  • Press Windows key + X key
  • Next, click on Device Manager.
  • When the Device Manager manager opens
  • Choose Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Repeat the task for every driver

Run an SFC scan:

  • Press Windows key + X key
  • The command prompt window will open click on the run an administrator.
  • Now type in the following command.


  • Then press Enter
  • Let the command run after that. Restart your PC

Clean boot your computer:

  • Press the Windows key + R key
  • The RUN dialogue box will appear.
  • Type MSConfig and press Enter
  • Now head over to the services tab in the system configuration window and choose the hide all Microsoft services option.
  • Now click the Disable all button.
  • Now head over to the Startup tab and click open task manager.
  • Now disable every startup item from the list.
  • Now navigate back to the system configuration window and click apply.
  • Click ok and save changes.
  • After that, restart your PC and see if the issue is fixed


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