FIX: This driver can’t release to failure

This driver can’t release to failure error is directly linked to the gigabyte motherboard. It usually takes place after you upgrade your Windows. The error means that the motherboard is lacking built-in WiFi that is needed for the gigabyte app center’s cloud station server. Here are some solutions for this error in Windows 10.

How do I fix the driver can’t release to failure error?

Solution 1: Upgrade the motherboard drivers

You may need to upgrade the motherboard drivers to fix this error. You can use any driver updating software to detect which motherboard drivers are obsolete and then update them, and your issue will be resolved. However, if the problem is still present, go for the second solution.

Solution 2: Reinstalling Gigabyte Services through Command Prompt

  1. Press the Win key + X key
  2. Select command prompt and run as administrator
  3. Type sc delete gdrv and press the return key.
  4. Then Enter the command
    “sc create gdrv binPath= “C:Windowsgdrv.sys” type= “kernel” DisplayName= “gdrv”
  5. Now return to reinstalling the services

Solution 3: Update your App Center

As the error usually appears after upgrading your Windows, so it is possible the app center isn’t compatible with the version of Windows software. So all you have to do is update the app center, so it is compatible with the updated version of Windows.

Solution 4: Uninstall the App Center

If updating the app center doesn’t work, then you can consider uninstalling it by these simple steps:

  1. Press Win key + R key
  2. Run will appear
  3. Enter the following (appwiz.cpl)
  4. Then click Ok
  5. The uninstaller window will open
  6. Select Gigabyte App Center and press uninstall
  7. Press Yes to confirm
  8. And finally, restart after the App Center is uninstalled


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