Fix Unmountable Boot Volume blue screen error in Windows 10

The unmountable boot error is a really annoying one because it doesn’t let you access your computer through which you could troubleshoot and fix the error. However, there are some other methods that are really effective in fixing this issue, so it’s advisable that you read the article till the end because then only you’ll know the potential ways to fix this issue on your Windows 10 PC.

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How to fix the unmountable boot error?

Checking disk for any possible errors:

  • Open the command prompt and run as administrator.
  • Then type in the following command.

chkdsk X:/f

Note: X is your respective drive name

Launch Startup repair:

  • Restart your PC
  • Open recovery window
  • Then head over to the Troubleshoot option and select Advanced Options > Startup repair
  • Next, follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the process

Run an SFC scan:

  • Press Windows key + X key
  • The command prompt window will open click on the run an administrator.
  • Now type in the following command.


  • Then press Enter
  • Let the command run after that. Restart your PC


If you read the whole article and tried out each solution mentioned above to fix the unmountable boot error then I’m sure you were able to fix the issue. However, if they didn’t work for you and you discovered some other way to fix the error then let us know in the comments below as it will help us in our research and ultimately making the articles more informative.

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