FIX: watchdog.sys system error in Windows 10

Watchdog.sys is a built-in program in Windows that monitors the time that threads spend on showing the display drivers. Because of any possible corruption or deletion of the file the watchdog.sys system error can occur. Here some solutions that will help you fix this error in your Windows 10.

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How to fix the watchdog.sys system error?

Update your graphic card driver:

  • Press Windows key + X key
  • Next, click on Device Manager
  • head to Display Adapters section. Now find your graphic card driver
  • Next, right-click on the driver and click on uninstall
  • Then tick the Remove the driver software for this device box and click ok
  • After the driver has been removed, Restart your PC
  • Now go to your respective graphic driver’s site and download and install the latest drivers

Reset BIOS settings:

  • Press Windows key + I key
  • Choose Update & Security
  • Double click on Recovery
  • Now click on restart under the Advanced Startup section
  • When the PC restarts, the recovery window will appear; click on Troubleshoot from the menu
  • Next, open Advanced Options
  • Select UEFI Firmware Settings and then reboot
  • The computer will boot in BIOS settings now
  • Reset the configuration and restart

Look for overheating:

Well, overheating isn’t usually the reason for troubleshooting errors, but high system temperature can cause a problem. So it would help if you considered downloading any good software to adjust the settings of the fan to control the overheating in the system.


We’re sure that you were able to fix the watchdog.sys system error using this article as a guide. Perhaps, if not, then let us know what other method helped you fix the error so we could also update this guide to provide better solutions to the people.

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