FIX: Windows 10 PC stuck on restart

Sometimes, in restarting Windows 10, you can occur problems such as boot slow, or worst, it freezes. So, the computer will be stuck in the reboot sequence for an extended period.

In some situations, restart is finished after a few minutes, while the other person may take hours.
To help you overcome this, we prepare a list of the most suitable solutions. If you have trouble resolving the existing problems, make sure to check it below.

How can I fix Windows 10 if it’s stuck when restarting?

1. Restart without connecting peripherals

  • Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager.
  • Select the category to view the device name, then right-click on what you want to update.
  • Select Driver Update.
  • You can also choose Uninstall to reinstall the driver afterward.
  • Turn on your PC again.

Here there may be the driver’s conflict involved. PC will only use the keyboard and mouse.

The drivers included in different hardware may enter a state of conflict, causing the delivery problem of restarting.

Unplug any peripherals such as external hard drives, additional SSDs, mobile, etc., and restart your PC. If everything works well now, reconnect your peripherals.

Also, update drivers for this hardware component and all drivers currently displayed in Device Manager.

In this way, you can improve all damage related to the restart process.
Keep in mind that updating your driver is a sophisticated procedure. If you are not much careful, you may damage your system by downloading the wrong version of the driver.

2. Power-power off your Windows 10 system

The restart may be stuck for many reasons. However, in most problems, the problem can be repaired automatically if the restart starts.

But first, the computer needs to be turned off to relaunch the reboot process.

This can be done quickly by following an intuitive solution: just press and keep pressing the power button at least for 6 seconds – or as long as a computer is needed to turn off the computer.

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