FIX: Windows 10 volume too low [Full Guide]

This article examines when to change the volume on a laptop or PC running Windows 10 operating system when it is too small and if it is due to a software or hardware error.

The volume is set incorrectly

Often low volume does not show a technical or software glitch but is restricted to system settings only. You can customize it:

  1. On multimedia keyboards and all laptops, the layout is designed to increase or decrease the volume, or by pressing the keys to mute/unmute the sound. We usually use the keys in conjunction with Fn (on a laptop).
  2. To adjust the volume, click on the loudspeaker-shaped icon in the system tray and move the slider in the desired direction.
  3. When the sound is muted, a cross will appear with the image of the speaker. If you click on such an icon, it will be activated again.
  4. If increasing the volume doesn’t help, right-click the volume icon and select “Open Volume Mixer” from the context menu.
  5. Here you can set the general level and the individual system tones and the level of the applications that play the tones.
  6. The volume can also be adjusted in applications themselves (such as Windows Media Player).

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