Fix Windows cannot complete the extraction error with ease

Zip files are probably the most popular archive file format in the world. We all had to deal with them while using computers. Because of this, it can be very annoying when we try to extract only one to avoid a mistake. “Windows can’t complete extraction” and “Compressed folder is invalid” are two common errors that can occur when working with a zip file on Windows. In this article, we are going to see how we can deal with them.


Target file cannot be created [FIX]


The title of this issue is very clear. This error usually occurs because you are not allowed to create a target list. This usually means that the zip folder is actually a safe place, e.g. In the root folder of the full drive C or in the program entries. You can solve this problem by just copying the zip file to another place where you have full access. This could be the area of ​​your desktop, your documents, or your files.

Runs when a zip folder contains a long named file or a rigid series of folders inside both. Windows Explorer only accepts paths that are less than 260 characters long, including file names. Refusal to handle long moments by throwing mistakes. Are there really two ways to solve the situation, depending on which side must be resolved:

Correct this error by setting the path to less than 260 characters

Long paths let you either rename files or rearrange folders so that no path is longer than 260 characters.

Sometimes moving the zip file also works. If your zip file is in C: User Download Manager folder zip. Moving the zip folder to a location in a shorter way will save some icons and take away your hassle.



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