FIX: Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app

Windows 10 Firewalls may prevent certain programs and applications from running if enabled by following the instructions in the Windows Firewall. A list of the most common issues with Windows Firewall that has blocked some features of the program or the app is on third-party applications, mostly VPNs, e.g. Hotspot VPN, Tunnel Beer, etc., if installed, should be allowed on your firewall (according to Method 1), or should be removed primarily affecting firewall capabilities and raise your false flags which are not allowed by the firewall.


Windows Firewall:Prefer to connect to a VPN, every traffic is encrypted.

This bug is usually quite annoying because it happens on a daily basis and also at random intervals which confuses the user about their origin. This bug is not only visible on Windows 10 but may also appear on older versions of Windows, as they all include Windows Firewall.


Solution: Add programs to Windows Firewall Exceptions

Guarantee that every app has access to the Internet, it must be approved by your firewall. You need to be careful about the types of programs that allow you to use your firewall since malicious programs then have access to the Internet and your computer.

Follow the instructions below to allow an app or feature through the Windows Firewall:

Open the Control Panel by searching for it by clicking the Start button or the Search button to the left of the taskbar.

  1. After opening the control panel, you can change the view to “large” or “small” icons, and go to the bottom of the view to find Windows Firewall settings.
  2. Click Windows Firewall and then click Allow and Request or Highlight Windows Firewall Source. A list of programs should open. Review and check the apps you want to allow in boxes with private and public networks.
  3. Click OK and restart your computer to see if the message is still visible.



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