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FIX: Xinput1_3.dll missing errors on Windows 10

How to fix xinput1_3.dll miss

  • Install DirectX for problematic programs
  • Update DirectX.
  • Reinstall the problematic program
  • Update Driver Controller Game

Method 1: Install the DirectX version of the affected program

However, software developers usually include a copy of DirectX on the game installation disk/program. Installing the DirectX version included in the software can repair xinput1_3.dll is a missing problem.

Look for the DirectX installation program in your game or DVD DVD game. Next, the DirectX version is equipped with the software installation package you are supported on all versions of Windows.

This will install the DirectX file needed and be supported in the Windows version. Try this improvement to delete xinput1_3.dll missing an error.

Talking about DirectX, if you get a DirectX error while playing Andromeda, this guide can help you to quickly fix the problem.

Method 2: Update Microsoft DirectX

  • In addition, improving your Microsoft DirectX version can now repair the lost xinput1_3.dll error. Download and install the latest Microsoft updates to DirectX using these steps:
  • First of all, open Microsoft Official Runtime Runtime Web Runtime.
  • Select the check box for each additional download or ignore and click without Thank you and continue.
  • Save the file to the path specified on your PC.
  • Launch the Setup file to install DirectX updates and follow the instructions.
  • Note: Internet connection is needed for this improvement. After updating your current version of Microsoft DirectX, launch an affected program.
  • This method is known to repair xinput1_3.dll is a missing error. Don’t download DirectX updates from illegal websites or websites with a bad reputation because of the many dangers involved.

Method 3: Replace the program

Next, consider reinstalling the software application displayed xinput1_3.dll is a missing error. Reinstalling a damaged program will replace the program file, including a new dynamic link library.

Follow these steps to reinstall your program:

  • First of all, open the Start menu, type the control panel, and press the Enter key.
  • In the control panel, open the program menu and features to delete the program.
  • Here, look at the list of applications installed and double-click on the application that generates errors. Follow the installation removal instructions.
  • If you install using a CD, insert the CD and install it afterward. Download the application on the official download site.
  • Launch the installer and follow the instructions until the installation is complete.
  • Finally, run the application again.

After you reinstall the program along with the component, launch the program again. This improvement will complete xinput1_3.dll is a missing problem.

Method 4: Update Game Controller Driver

Another reason for xinput1_3.dll is a missing problem because of the old graphics or game controller drivers. Software programs or game applications may require updated drivers to work efficiently.

Update the Windows Game Controller Driver or your graphic driver because the case can use these steps:

  • Press the Windows and R button to launch the Run program.
  • In running Windows, type DevMGMT.msc and click OK to open the device manager.
  • From the device manager device panel, expand the sound controller category, video, and game and right-click on the game controller driver.
  • Select Update the driver and follow the instructions for applying updates.
  • Finally, after the update, restart your PC.

However, the proper software application can require drivers or game graphics controllers; Use these steps to update the specified driver.

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