Fixed: Unable to print PDFs from Adobe Reader

We’re giving you a brief break from Windows 10, and there are usually troubles and errors because many computers are still using the first version of the Windows platform. This time our issue is not related to any specific version of Windows, it definitely appears on the user. In this special post, we’ll test the meaning if you can’t print PDF files with your Adobe Viewer.


The most common solution

Before we get into the difficult stages, let’s try some simple solutions. First, try to hide the different PDF files. Make sure you determine if your previous PDF file is corrupted and cannot be printed as a result. Also, try to boost your fuel with the help of file type (like TXT). If you can print this file, the problem is during Adobe Reader and an update should fix the problem. You can also restart your computer and printer. Because your printer’s memory may be full. If all else fails, find a solution below.

Update the printer driver

There may be a problem with your printer, so checking the latest driver for your printer will not be a problem. To update the printer driver, do the following:

Go to Device Manager

  1. Find your printer under Devices and Printers
  2. Right-click and go to the latest driver software …
  3. If you’re still having trouble printing PDFs after installing the update, the problem isn’t with the printer.

Use another PDF reader software

In many cases, the easiest solution to this problem is to go to a different reader. The market is full of PDF viewers and editors to help you. You can read and try our article on the best PDF viewers.

Try to print a picture as a PDF

It may corrupt parts of your PDF file, such as B. corrupted text, and this may affect your printing. You can solve this problem by printing the PDF as an image so that it does not depend on the text. To print a PDF as an image in Adobe Reader, select File> Print> Advanced, then select Print as Image.

Basically, that’s all, but if you still can’t print a PDF from Adobe Reader, please see the Adobe Reader forum for answers.

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