Fixed: Windows could not update the boot configuration of computers

This error occurs when users try to upgrade their Windows installation from an older version of Windows, or when upgrading to a place using Windows Media Creator on USB or DVD. This is a very common error that appears during the Windows setup and is as annoying as hell for users.

Windows cannot update computer startup settings. We’ve documented several useful methods you can use to fix the problem and continue with the installation.


Solution 1. Rebuild the boot manager

Using Boot Manager How to handle Windows installation media during system startup, startup priority, and initial installation. It can be easily reset and fixed by restarting Advanced Startup and running some helpful commands as shown below.

If your computer system is not available, you will need to use the installation media that was used to install Windows for this process. Insert the installation CD that you created or have just created and start your computer. The following steps are different from the operating system to the operating system. Please follow them accordingly:

Windows XP, Vista, 7: The Windows Setup program opens and prompts you to enter your preferred language and time and date settings. Enter them correctly and select Repair your computer under the window. When prompted to use recovery tools or repair your computer, select the Start button and click Next. When prompted to select a repair tool, select Initial Repair (the first option).

Windows 8, 8.1, 10: The Selected Keyboard Layout window appears. So choose the window you want to use. An optional selection screen appears. So, go to Troubleshooting >> Advanced Options >> Command Prompt.


If you have no problem with the system, you can access this screen through the Windows interface. If TEMP you’re using Windows 10 on your PC, there’s another way to access Safe Mode on your computer. Use Windows + I keyboard shortcuts to open the settings, or click the Start menu, and then click the gear button at the bottom left.
Update Security >> Click Recover and then click Restart Now in the Advanced Startup section. Your computer will restart and it will prompt you to click on the Advanced Options button.

Click to open a command prompt on the Advanced Options screen.

The command prompt should now open with administrator rights. Enter the command shown below and make sure to enter it later.

bootrec / RebuildBcd
bootrec / fixMbr
bootrec / fixboot

Then close the command prompt and select the Restart option.



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