Fixing error 1068 on Windows 10

When trying to open applications or, for example, adjust the system configuration, Windows 10 users may encounter a 1068 error with the message “Failed to start child service or group” Is. This error shows that the service responsible for the requested action is inactive or will not start.

We are taking steps to get rid of error code 1068 through a top ten built-in tool called Services. Below we explain the principle of working with it.

  1. Press the key sequence Win + R to open the “Run” window.
  2. Enter the word “services.msc” and click OK (or Enter ).
  3. A list of services with their description, status, etc. is displayed in the following window. To get the desired service settings, double-click on it with the left mouse button (e.g.
  4. Next, a small window will appear with the features of the selected service, in which we can control the startup type (automatic, manual or inactive) on the “General” tab.

Note: To start the service manually, use the button with the same name. Where it is disabled, we will first select the “Automatic” or “Manual” startup option, then apply the settings by clicking the appropriate “Request” button, and then try restarting the service.

If that doesn’t work, the service may rely on other disabled services. Sometimes you need to restart your computer after making changes.



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