Fixing the frame.dll error

Frame File 1C is a dynamic library associated with products. If it is missing or damaged, the system will send an error message and refuse to start the application. To solve the problem, you need to include the file in every possible way.

Re-registering a component

The DLL is installed on Windows with the application that it takes to run. Then the component is registered in the scheme. However, sometimes the registration fails. Fortunately, we can continue doing this for the process from the command line in a matter of just a few seconds.

  • We start the command line with administrator rights.
  • Enter the query regsvr32 / u frame.dll and press Enter. The old registration information will be deleted.
  • Enter the query regsvr32 / i frame.dll and press Enter. The file is registered again.

After registering, we exit the command line and restart the program. The frame.dll error occurred while opening.

SOLVED: Missing bcrypt.dll on Windows 10


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