Full Fix: Printer has no IP address on Windows 10, 7

Full Fix: Printer has no IP address on Windows 10, 7

The printer does not have an IP address error message that can appear if you try using a network printer. This IP related problem can prevent you from printing remotely.

It is indeed unpleasant, but there are several ways to fix this printer problem in Windows 10 and the previous version. Check below.

1.Check your printer manual

If your printer doesn’t have an IP address, the problem might occur because you don’t set the printer correctly. To fix it, make sure to check the Printer Manual and follow all instructions carefully.
Sometimes your wireless printer might not support the encryption method that your Wi-Fi network uses, so be sure to check it first.

After doing that, check whether your SSID and password are set correctly on the printer configuration page. After making sure that your settings are correct, the printer must function again.

2.Print a test page

  • If you use a wireless printer, you need to know your IP configuration. If your printer does not have an IP address, you might be able to see the IP configuration just by printing the test page.
  • This method is different for all printers, but in many cases, you need to press and hold certain buttons for a few seconds and your printer will print a test page.
  • On the test page, you will see all relevant IP configurations that must allow you to access your printer.

3.Make sure your printer uses DHCP

  • If your printer does not have an IP address, the problem might be your configuration.
  • Router and other network devices use the DHCP network protocol to automatically set IP addresses to network devices.
  • If you have set a static IP address to your printer, make sure to delete it, and activate DHCP on your printer.
  • Now restart your printer several times and the IP address must be assigned to it automatically.

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