Full Fix: Windows 10 automatic update problems

Microsoft improves Windows with every update and so the updates are really important for your system to receive those new features plus the bug fixes that brings more stability to your system. However sometimes due to some error in the system can’t run the updates. Here are some methods to fix this error on your PCs.

Run the Windows Troubleshooter:

Windows troubleshooter is a tool designed to eliminate any bugs related to Windows.
To run the Windows update troubleshooter follow the below-mentioned steps:
• Fist click Select Start
• Then click Settings
• Now select Update & Security

• Then click on Troubleshoot
• Then select Windows Update under Get up and Running and click Run the troubleshooter.

Disable your antivirus:

Some of your antivirus features may be intervening in your system and so causing error. So it would be best if you considered disabling some of your antivirus features for a while or a better solution is to install a more compatible and better antivirus software that won’t cause such errors in the future.

Run Disk Cleanup:

  • Go to the start menu then search for disk cleanup and launch it
  • Select the respective files you want to clean in the disk
  • Now select the button cleanup system files

Unplug external devices:

So you may have different external devices plugged in your computer for various reasons for example: USB drive to store files. However, sometimes these external devices tend to interfere with the system and cause errors. Therefore you should consider unplugging all the external devices and see if the issue persists.


We’re sure that you were able to fix the issues and errors on your computer by using the mentioned methods. Perhaps, it is possible that in certain cases you couldn’t fix the issue through the methods mentioned above so if you found out a different way to fix the error please let us know as well as if the article was helpful to you then leave your feedback in the comments below.

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