Full Fix: Windows Driver Frameworks uses too much CPU

Full Fix: Windows Driver Frameworks uses too much CPU

Many Windows users often complain that Windows Driver Frameworks using too much CPU, slowing Windows and drain the battery very quickly.

1. Reinstall your Wi-Fi driver

Before we begin, be sure to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer of the Wi-Fi device.
Press Windows Key + X AND open the Win + X menu.
Now select Device Manager from the list.
When the Device Manager is open, you find a Wi-Fi adapter, right-click and select the Uninstall from the menu.
A confirmation dialog will appear. If available, check the Delete the driver software checkbox. Now click Uninstall.
According to its users, it is sometimes a problem with the Windows Driver Framework, and high CPU utilization can occur because of the driver you are. If your driver is not fully compatible with Windows 10, you may experience problems with this process.

  • Some users reported that they had fixed the problem by merely reinstalling their Wi-Fi driver.
  • After you remove the driver, restart your PC and install the driver’s Wi-Fi. Now check whether solves that problem.
  • It’s worth mentioning that other devices can also cause this problem arises, and in some cases, users report that their mouse is the culprit.
  • Users have a problem with the G-series mouse, but this issue is permanently resolved after updating the drivers. If you are using a laptop, try uninstalling software Lenovo Lenovo transition as well.
  • Since Windows Driver Framework in touch with your driver, we strongly recommend keeping your drivers up to date to fix this problem.

2. Wait out

Windows Driver Framework is a Windows standard process, and if it uses too much of your CPU, it might do a particular job in the background. Some users report that they managed to fix this problem by merely waiting for the Windows Driver Framework to finish.

This is not a universal solution, but in some cases to wait an hour or more can help you with this problem, so you might want to try it.

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