Here’s how to fix Windows 10 Grub Rescue in 6 quick steps

GRUB is a boot loader used primarily for Linux systems. If instead of starting Windows 10 you will see the message “Grab Rescue>” on your computer, you will need to build up the bootloader.

  • Get a copy of the boot repair disk program.
  • Start the program and follow the instructions. The need for a USB stick can definitely remove someone’s contents.
  • Remove the USB stick and attach it to the faulty system and start with the USB stick.
  • Make sure your computer can boot with Flash.


Fix Windows 10 Grub Rescue


When Grub Rescue crashes, someone tries to install Linux on the wrong system. An error occurred. The boot repair disk started the Linux Direct system to fix the error. It is a smart idea to connect to the Internet with a cable during this stage.

  • Select the suggested repair.
  • Follow the software program instructions. You will be asked to open the terminal and enter some instructions. You can access the terminal via “Accessories”> “LXTerminal”. You may reinstall GRUB as part of troubleshooting guidance.
  • After installation, you will be taught the URL address so you can take notes. Assuming an internet connection fixes you, you’ll find information about boot errors there.
  • Restart your system once again and select “Windows 10” from the Grub menu at the top of Windows 10.

Help support – Error still not resolved

In general, if the boot repair disk was not successful, you can post this URL in a forum for further help. If one is using dual boot with Linux, the appropriate forum is worth considering. You can find some Linux forums for related distribution.

  1. for Ubuntu Linux
  2. Fedora Forum for Fedora Linux
  3. for Debian Linux
  4. for Arch LInux


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