Here’s how to fix wlanext.exe problems on Windows 10

Wlanext.exe errors can sometimes appear on your PC and can lead to various problems, mostly for network connection problems.

Here are some common problems related to Wlanext.exe

The extension framework of Windows Wireless LAN 802.11 stops working – this problem can sometimes occur because of your antivirus settings.

EXE Windows 10 High CPU: This problem occurs if your driver is outdated.

Exe Crash Windows 10 / Stop Working / Continuously Crashing – Default problem solvers can help you solve this problem.

EXE Application Error / Event ID 1000 – According to the user, this type of problem can sometimes occur because of the missing system update.

And now, let’s get a more specific solution to fix wlanext.exe errors.

How can I fix wlanext.exe errors in Windows 10?

  • Update your driver
  • Check your antivirus
  • Disable your wireless adapter
  • Run network problem solvers
  • Enter safe mode.
  • Do clean boot
  • Disable while your wireless connection
  • Rollback or reinstall your driver
  • Make sure your system is the latest.
  • Perform system recovery

 1.Update your driver

WLEnText.exe can cause high CPU usage if several drivers, such as wireless drivers, are outdated.

When you use a laptop with a built-in wireless adapter, you must get all the required drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s website.

2. Check your antivirus

If you get a wlanext.exe error on your PC, your antivirus may cause this problem.

To fix this problem, make sure to add wlanext.exe to the exception list in your antivirus.

If it does not work, you may try to deactivate certain antivirus features or deactivate the software at all. If the problem is still there, you may be able to fix it just by removing tool.

If this solves the problem, this may be the right time to consider switching to a more reliable antivirus.

3. Disable your wireless adapter

  • Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager.
  • Find your wireless adapter on the lights, right-click, and select Disable the device.
  • Now wait a few moments, right-click the disabled adapter, then select Activate the device.

After doing that, check whether the problem with the wireless adapter still exists.

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