Homegroup cannot be set up in Windows 10 [BEST SOLUTIONS]

Homegroup cannot be set up in Windows 10 [BEST SOLUTIONS]

Networking is an integral part of any PC, especially if you need to share files and collaborate with other users. This is especially important if you are working in a company or sharing files between the two computers.

To do this, you must first set up a HomeGroup, but users of Windows 10 to report an error that says “Homegroup can not be set on this computer”.

Solution 1 – Remove the files from the folder PeerNetworking

  • Go to C: WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataRoamingPeerNetworking.
  • Store.sst Delete and move on to Step 3. If removing the store.sst does not work, go back to the C: WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataRoamingPeerNetworking and delete all the files and folders in it and go back to Step 3.
  • Go to Network Settings and leave HomeGroup.
  • Repeat these steps for all the computers on your network.
  • Turn off your computer.
  • Turn only once, and create a new homegroup on it.
  • Homegroup is to be recognized on all your computers now.

2. Rename the directory MachineKeys

If you can not set HomeGroup in Windows 10, the issue may be related to the MachineKeys folder. However, you can fix the problem by merely renaming the MachineKeys directory. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to C: directory ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSA.
  • Now locate the MachineKeys, right-click and select Rename from the menu.
  • Change the name of MachineKeys to MachineKeys-old.
  • Now create a new folder called MachineKeys and gives full control permissions for Everyone and all users on your PC. To see how to do that, be sure to check out our previous solution for more information.
  • After creating the MachineKeys directory, this problem should be completed, and you will be able to set up a Homegroup again. Many users report that this solution works for them, so be sure to give it a try.

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