Microsoft Windows 11

How to download Windows 11 ISO file

Windows 11 ISO has leaked before its announcement. People are excited to download and try it as soon as possible. This haste is causing issues for beginners and even pros.

You will find the answer of the following queries:

  • Is Windows 11 leaked?
  • Why and where to download ISO image?
  • How to download genuine copy of Windows 11 ISO image?
  • Is leaked Windows 11 available to download from Microsoft official web servers.

Windows 11 ISO has just leaked on the internet and people are trying it like hot cakes. Undoubtly, the ISO belongs to Microsoft and is in original form because it is not easy rather nearly impossible for thir parties to create a modified Windows ISO to such an advanced level. So, yes the leaked ISO of Windows 11 is originated from Microsoft labs.

The leaked ISO image file of Windows 11 is hosted on several third party sites and Microsoft is consistantly trying to remove the ISO from everywhere possible. But the ISO image has spread like Corona virus and much more replicated mirrors are being created while the removals are at lower rate.

First, some people are not able to find the original ISO file and wondering how to download Windows 11 ISO file.

Secondly, there are a lot of hackers trying to exploit the Windows 11 leak moment by uploading a hacked or modified copy of Windows 11 ISO image file. Therefore, it is important to answer these questions by leading our users to the right path to Windows 11 original ISO image file download.

You can download Windows 11 ISO file from Windows Mafia. We actually don’t host any Microsoft product because they don’t allow such practices. But we will take you to the third party sites unless Microsoft shares official Windows 11 ISO file links on their own servers.

Download Windows 11 ISO image file

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