How to fix aoddriver2.sys BSOD errors in Windows

The aoddriver2.sys error usually occurs in CPUs that have AMD OverDrive installed which is a utility tool for controlling the fan and overclocking to push the computer to its maximum limits of performance. This means any issue with AMD OverDrive can cause aoddriver2.sys error as the driver aoddriver2.sys communicates with the hard drive of the computer. This type of error might lead to serious malfunction to the computer such as BSOD errors.

How to fix the aoddriver2.sys error?
Well, here are some ways to fix the aoddriver2.sys error.

1. Try uninstalling AMD OverDrive:

• Simply go to the control panel
• Click on programs
• Then click on programs and features.
• Press on uninstall
consider restarting your PC after the uninstallation of AMD.

2. Uninstalling AMD OverDrive in safe mode:

Most of the time you can do almost nothing in settings because of the aoddriver2.sys error. So, you can use the safe mode to uninstall AMD. How to uninstall AMD OverDrive in safe mode? • Restart your PC • A recovery screen may appear so click on see advanced repair options • Click on repair • Now shut down your PC • Restart the computer again and keep pressing F8 key until the recovery screen appears again

• From the options choose the Troubleshoot option

• Now click on advanced options

• Next, click on start-up settings

• Now click on restart PC

• Go to control panel in safe mode then click on programs and further click on programs and features

• Search for AMD OverDrive and simply click on uninstall

• Now to get out of the safe mode simply restart your PC and this might solve you aoddriver2.sys error.

3. Use third-party uninstaller:

If your issue still didn’t solve it may be because you weren’t able to find AMD OverDrive so try using a third-party uninstaller to find the AMD OverDrive and then uninstall it.

Other ways to fix aoddriver2.sys error

• Try restoring your computer

• Run Windows file checker

• Try performing a clean install

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